Last update: 28.10.2017

Computing Environment


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The Contest will take place on computers with the following specification:
  • Hardware:
    CPU:Intel Xeon E5520, 2.4 GHz or newer
    RAM:3.5 GB or more
    Keyboard:Standard Swiss-French keyboard
     (keyboard layout can be changed in the desktop environment)
    Mouse:Standard 2 button mouse with scroll wheel.
  • Software:
    OS:Linux (distribution: Debian live)
    Editors:gvim, emacs, gedit, geany, eclipse
    Debugger:gdb, ddd
    C compiler:gcc 4.4.5
    C++ compiler:g++ 4.4.5
    Java compiler:OpenJDK 1.6

Trying it out

You will have time to try out the system during the dry run before the contest.

Additionally, you may download an image of the system so that you can try it out at home. To do so,

  1. Download the polyprog-live image (624 MB). It's all free software, you are allowed and encouraged to distribute it!
  2. Copy the image to a USB stick or burn it to a CD. On Linux, you can use
    dd if=polyprog-live.iso of=/dev/your_usb_stick
    (you have to replace your_usb_stick by the device that represents your stick, e. g. sdb. All data on the device will be erased.
  3. Re-boot the computer from the USB stick. The stick should boot on any modern 64-bit system. You might have to enable booting from USB in the BIOS, though.
  4. Send any comments to jonas.wagner (at the epfl dot ch domain).