Last update: 28.10.2017

At a glance

HC2 is a programming contest where you
  • participate as a team (two or three students)
  • try to solve problems using your computer
    • You'll need to be smart and creative.
    • Usually, your solution is a short program in C/C++/Java.
    • Have a look at last year's problems to see what they could be like!
    • There will be about 8 problems. Try to solve as many as you can.
  • meet other programmers from all over Switzerland
  • Take home your HC2 t-shirt
  • have fun ;)
  • win great prizes, enjoy the free food, ...
The remainder of this page describes some details of how the contest works. You should read it once you found your teammates and registered for the contest.

Computer Environment

Your team will get one computer that you have to share. It runs Debian Linux with a large choice of editors and IDEs for your programming pleasure. Details can be found on the environment page.


Once your code is ready, you'll have to upload it to the judge website. The judge will then compile and execute your program. The more test scenarios your program solves correctly, the more points you collect.


Being a good programmer does not mean that you have to know your programming language by heart. During the contest, you have access to documentation for your favourite programming language.