Last update: 28.10.2017

The most important at a glance:


The problem set will be available in English, French and German.


A team is eligible to participate in the contest if its members are students, predoctoral/PhD students, or interns currently enrolled in a Swiss educational institution, between the ages 14 and 28 and with at least half the team made up of full-time students. Each team may be composed of 2 or 3 members. The Contest Judge may authorize a team to compete despite not fulfilling the eligibility criteria.
Individuals without a team may also register. The judges will try to form balanced teams (to the best of their abilities) out of all individuals who are not yet in a team.

Conduct of the contest

The Contest will be preceded by a dry run. The aim of the dry run is to get the contestants acquainted with the judging system. All data on the team’s computers will be erased after the dry run.
The Contest duration is 5 hours.
The Contest features between eight and ten algorithmic problems.
The Contest will take place on modern computers running our specialized contest environment. You can find all the details at the contest environment page.
The participants may request the organizers to print their source code in order to help with the debugging.

Scoring system

The Contest is scored partially. That is, each submission is tested against 10 input files. Teams may re-submit a solution to the same problem. The new submission is tested only against input files which have not yet been solved correctly (previously accepted input files will not be rejudged). Every input file that was solved correctly after the nth attempt gives one point and (n-1) penalties. The final score for each problem is given by the total number of input files which have been solved. Ties are resolved by looking at the number of penalties.
The team who submitted a solution will be able to see how many of the input files have received a given status.
During the last hour of the Contest, the ranking display will be frozen and the winners will only be announced at the HC2 Diploma Ceremony.